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New recordings with Dan Precision!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Excited to announce that we will once again be working with Dan Precision on some new recordings. As you may already know, Dan has worked with us on many past projects including Wabash War Machine, our split with Pale Horseman, as well as our Sun God 2.0 single.

Since we've been grounded from the road due to Covid this year we've had a lot of time on our hands and have been trying to think of ways to still share our music with the world. Since studios are closed and or there are travel bans, we've been slowly learning audio and video production.

We've set up a make shift studio at our rehearsal space and have been dialing in drums and sending Dan the results for a couple of weeks now. We're getting pretty close to the sound we want, and once we do, we'll be tracking some new songs on our own and sending them along to Dan for mixing and mastering.

We hope to announce what we are going to be doing with these new songs soon. We also anticipate our self produced video coming out sometime in the coming month!

Just so you know, the Mound Builders are still activate despite our bread and butter (shows) being stripped away. It's been difficult making adjustments and having to social distance through all this. We miss all or friends we've made playing shows but hopefully we can all be getting back at it soon! Please stay safe and healthy and we'll see ya soon!

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